Bethel Prayer House

Rajahmundry, India

My name is Chapala Daniel Solomon Raju.  My family and I are the pastor family of the Bethel Prayer House in Rajahmundry, India.  Most of our work takes us into the remote areas out away from the city, where we take the gospel to the tribal people who are poor and mostly forgotten in the Indian society.

I am the elder son of Rev. Chapala Daniel and Mercy, my mother.   My father has been a servant of the Lord for forty-two years.  My dear mother went to be with the Lord April, 20, 2001.  We have missed her very much.  

I have two brothers and two sisters.  One of my brothers, Daniel Chapala, is the pastor of Morning Star Apostolic Church in Mandapeta, India.  

My other brother, Stanley Jones, is a Gospel singer and keyboard player with his own gospel musical team.  My sister Victoria, is a Bible woman who teaches and preaches the gospel in the remote villages with our teams.  My younger sister Elisabeth, is a government employee who also shares the gospel in remote villages areas.

For thirty-three years I have been ministering the gospel.  My present congregation is the Bethel Prayer House, an interdenominational ministry that reaches into the poor remote areas where we minister the gospel to the poor who have suffered much this year due to more than usual heavy rains.  Wehn the roads remain flooded the only way to use them is with small boats.  Shelter has become so difficult many people are having to live in trees or in the mountains.  We have reached out to Bless Ministries of Mobile USA for help.  We pray our partnership with them will draw attention to our very serious situation and people around the world would hear of our cry for help and respond to what the Holy Spirit leads them to do.

I am married to my wonderful wife Sara.  We have three children:  Chapala Jimmy Solomon, Danny Solomon, and Marcy Rachel.  Mercy Rachel has two beautiful daughters that are studying in kindergarten.

In spite of the difficulties these tribal people face in remote areas, our open air crusades are drawing them to Jesus because the gospel is a message of hope.  We are having such a great response to the preaching we are growing huge congregations.  This brings the problems of having somewhere to meet as churches.  Please pray with us that the Lord will give us and Bless Ministries of Mobile USA the means to help us build worship centers for the many congregations that have developed through our ministry.

We continue to seek more and better ways to help the poor and needy with food distribution, caring for the children, education for all ages, and training in the Christian lifestyle. 

We have a total of fifty-six ministers and pastors who assist us with teaching and training the many people who have become Christians through the ministry of the Bethel Prayer House.  Each pastor is running two to five churches each in the tribal areas, which means we have from 100 to 260 churches that look to us for leadership.  As we searched for ways to help us in this massive amount of growth, we learned of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  Their experience and guidance is helping us to understand God's blessings for ministry is more than just money.  We have access to all their teachings, Free online Library, and administration processes to help us develop these churches. 

In November 2016 Bless Ministries issued documents to all our ministers, pastors, and churches to help each one become formally established.   We are so thankful to receive the certificates and sponsorship letters.  

These type things are helping us to show people throughout our region that they are important and they are cared for.  These documents are building integrity in the lives of our people.

Thank you for looking at our webpage.  If your heart was touched by seeing our work in the Kingdom of Heaven would you please help us reach these people who have no hope beyond what we are doing for the remote areas around Rajahmundry, India.   Please make a donation by clicking the donate button.   

Thank you for your kindness.