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Bless Ministries Church

Kalay, Myanmar

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Pastor Thawng Lai was born into a Christian family and in 2000, at the age of 17, he was born again after hearing an Evangelist preaching in a local meeting.  Desiring to study the bible he enrolled in ACTS College in Bangalore, India where he studied for four years.  After completing his studies in India he returned to Myanmar where he began teaching Bible students in his hometown of Yangon, located in the southernmost part of Myanmar.  While teaching the Lord moved on Thawng Lai to start a church among the Buddhist people of Kalay, Myanmar, and he named the ministry Agape Ministries. 

The remote town of Kalay known as Kale or Kalaymyo, lies in a rustic part of the Sagaing Division, very close to the eastern border of India next to the more popular Chin Sate of Myanmar. 

The ministry has expanded beyond the fifteen students taking in seven orphans.  They provide living accommodations, food and other necessary needs for the student and the orphans.

On August 3, 2010 Pastor Thawng married Kyikyi and they now have two sons and one daughter.  Kyikyi works in the ministry as a Sunday School teacher, woman's leader and helps to administrate the living conditions of their students and orphans.  Together Thawng Lai and Kyikyi are building a strong work that is bringing many Buddhist to Jesus Christ.