Hello, I am Pastor Byamukama Emmanuel of the Bless Ministries Church in Kabulasoke, Uganda.    We have two other Bless Ministries churches in the Kakumiro District.  All three churches total over three hundred and fifty members.


I was born January 1, 1991 as the third son of my father's eleven children.  I am the only child with some education, only through class 4 of the secondary level.  I loved to study and learn but the more I studied and learned about God, I felt the need to serve the Lord more.  Unable to continue in school I followed the will of God.  Our family was a Christian home that had a heart for serving the living God.  When I was twelve years old I decided to get baptized. 

Bless Ministries Church of Kabulasoke

Kabulasoke, Uganda


One night I had a dream while I was sleeping.  I saw a dove coming from heaven to the ground and landed before me.  The dove called my name three times and then it asked me, "Do you know that you are from my family?"  I replied, "What?"  The dove told me, "From today and onward you have to understand that you are from the same family of mine."  I replied "Okay" and the dove went back into heaven.  I came to understand that the family was the Family of God and that I was being called to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I started ministering and in 2012 I formed a church.  Now we have two other churches in Kiriira and Kalwange Unganda.

It is our vision to build a headquarters in Kampala, which is the capital city of Uganda.  We want to seek out ministers and ministries that reach into Kenya, Tanzania, and the Congo.  We want to follow the pattern given to us through Bless Ministries Mobile Alabama USA to help build ministries and unite the Body of Christ among those ministries we reach.

Because our ministry is new, coming up on six years, we are still searching for ways to build facilities for our three churches, an orphanage, and a home for widows and disabled people in our region.  We are standing in faith with Bless Ministries Mobile USA for the Lord to pour out his promises that will allow them to assist us in our search and development.

We want to provide ways to educate the children and people and to have a seminary bible school for training leaders, workers, and ministers as they prepare for ministry.

It is our desire to take the pattern shown us by Bless Ministries Mobile USA, and continue growing churches in Tanzania, Kenya, and the Congo, and use all of our resources as blessings that other churches and ministries in Africa can come to know the blessings of God and have them manifested in their ministries also.

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