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Bless Ministries Church of Guntur

Andhra Pradesh, India

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In 2006 Pastor Kavuri Chennari and her brother Kavuri Parisuddarao established a ministry in Guntur they called In Spirit and In Truth Ministries.   It was established with a vision to feed the people spiritually, physically and mentally; to obtain peace from our gracious Lord and to lead precious lives to Him.  They pray always to redeem their people from the clutches of Satan who is dragging many people to idolatry and vain practices.  Because of their traditional customs their economy is dropping as they become poor and sick.  To combat this social problem the Kavuri Pastors conduct pastor conferences and open-air meetings to preach the word of God and bring the people into the way of truth and salvation.

In 2002 Chennari fell sick with T.B. and out of concern for his sister Parisuddarao told Chennari about Jesus Christ.  

She received Jesus as her savior and they both started praying healing over Chennari.  Soon after, the T.B. was gone and Chennari was healed of her disease.   She was baptized and they started sharing the gospel together.  Both continued providing for their family consisting of themselves, their parents, and another sister.  By 2006 they were ministering to so many they established themselves as a church.

After becoming partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA, Pastors Kavuri desired to change the church name to reflect our new partnership.  On April 8, 2016 the church was reestablished as Bless Ministries Church of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. 

They have been using a temporary facility for church services and last April the church build caught fire, destroying some of their own property.  They were grateful no one was hurt and the building receive minimal damage.

The Bless Ministries Church of Guntur has purchased property and are working to constructed their own church complex.  The project will cost $10,000 to complete. They are almost finished with the first building.