God's Love Children's Home

Khajipalem Village, Guntur, India

There are many orphaned children in the land of India.  Life spans tend to be shorter in India because of disease, abundance of drug abuse, and starvation.   When parents die the children are left to defend for themselves, leaving them homeless, hungry, and having no hope.  Mallik Arjuna Rao is one of the many ministers in India that is doing something about it. 


Mallik started working through his church as he and his wife took in 14 boys and 6 girls in June 2014, into their home and started the God's Love Children's Home.

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Mallik and his family works every day providing for their food, clothing, and education.  All twenty children are in school and the children's home pays the fees for them to attend.  This is a huge labor of love on behalf of this wonderful family.

Running a children's home is not an easy task in India because of the hard living conditions.  Not having any regular work and very little offering support, the God's Love Children's Home is still providing hope for these children each month.  They have been able to manage month by month by the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Bless Ministries has partnered with them to help make a difference by working to grow them a regular source of monthly support.  As we continue helping them to have resources we desire to help Mallik develop his vision for the children's home. 

The home does manage to get food, but some days the food is reduced to just bags of rice.

Because the children's home is in the Mallik household space is very limited. Two rooms in the house are used for the children's living areas.  They use the same spaces for sleeping also.

The greatest hope the home provides for the children is the teaching they receive about the Lord Jesus Christ.   Mallik teaches them the Bible, the need for praying, and allows them to see how the Lord will answer them.

Mallik's pastor is Anil Addepalli who is the first partner listed under India.

Mallik and his wife Usha as good parents do keep all the children of the home involved with their church, the Faith Way Community Outreach, and its activities.

Thank you for taking the time to look through this webpage. 

The God's Love Children's Home is working hard to provide a good life style for all their children.

It is Mallik Rao's vision to make sure all of these children grow up to be strong Christian adults in the Indian culture. 

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