Patras Ghani wanted to be a priest from his childhood.  He was born into a poor family so when he was old enough he went to the seminary to start his training.  He studied six years and worked one year in pastoral work until his parents became so ill it was necessary for him to leave the seminary and return home to care for his suffering parents.  He found a job working as the security guard of the local high school. 

The Suffering Humanity Ministry 

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

Because he worked at night Patras was able to spend a lot of time in prayer during the day.  One day while in prayer, he was experiencing a wonderful time in the spirit and fellowship with the Lord and as he became deeper and deeper in the Spirit he heard God say, "Come, I will show you very special things."  While in the presence of the Lord the Principal of the high school was trying to get his attention because the electricity was off and they need him to turn on the large generator.  The principal was shaking Patras but he was not responding because he was so entranced by the Spirit of God.  He did come back to consciousness and turned on the generator for the school.  The principal was so impressed she hired him as the office clerk the next week.  This made it possible for Patras to work during the day and it gave him more salary for his family as he continued caring for his parents.

Patras is married to Rahat Barkat and they have three daughters and one son who are all school age.

Patras started the Serve the Suffering Humanity Ministry of Pakistan in order to help people have better food, clothing, education, and a way to preach the teaching and truths of the Bible, as he worked to bring Christianity to the suffering lives of the Pakistani people.  His passion for the suffering people motivates him continuously seek better ways to improve their lives.  In his daily prayers he petitions God for answers and means to help the suffering around him.

It is his desire to build a church so people can come to hear the Word of God without being threatened, and to have a place where truth is being shared out of the Bible.  This is a difficult thing to get started in his area of Pakistan because it is so dangerous.  Patras feels it is noteworthy to explain the condition of Pakistani Christians. Christians in Pakistan are much discriminated against on the basis of religion since the Muslims will not mix with Christians.   As Christians, they cannot eat with the same type plates as Muslims do or drink with the same type glasses.  Muslims are of the view that Christians may contaminate their plates and glasses if they use them.   In public hotels and restaurants, Christians have to declare that they are Christians, so that they can use the plates and glasses specially kept for the Christians, which are often in bad condition.  The syllabus for the children in government schools is also discriminatory.  They teach that everyone is Muslims, and that Pakistan is a Muslim country.   Christian children are forced to study Islamic Books.   So, keeping all these facts in view, Serve The Suffering Humanity Ministries came into being to give children a biblical education, along with fair formal education.

It is Patras' goal to buy land in the next three years and start building a church on the land in five years.  This is a hardy goal, one that the Lord can meet easily by his grace and mercy.


His vision includes having a learning center where the tuition is free so orphan and poor children.  Then they will have a place to go for education and freedom to learn more in the Bible.  In this way they can become good citizens and even better Christian people by the time they are adults.

Of course all this will take money and much work.  This is why this ministry has partnered with Bless Ministry Mobile USA.  Together we are working in faith with the Serve the Suffering Humanity Ministry of Pakistan so they can meet their two and five year goals, or even surpass them because of God's mercy and grace.

Presently the ministry has people in their city of Toba Tak Singh, Okara, Rnala and Shor Kot that are meeting together for teaching, preaching, and worship.  Many of them are just children who are in need.  The work of the Ghani family is changing the ways these children look at life.  Most of them are involved with crime, drugs, and forced child labor, in order to have ways for survival.   The efforts of Patras and his family through the ministry work is pulling the children in these areas away from their lives of sin and Satan, and brings them more into understanding of Jesus Christ and the Christian lifestyle.

Distribution Programs

We provide food to the poor and needy of our city and surrounding villiages.  


We provide bibles and other needed supplies also.















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Window Food Distribution by clicking these pictures.  Have your sound on.





If you would like to contact Pastor Patras Ghani or see more about his ministry please click this link to see his website:

His Whatapps number is:  00923016514231


We are continually giving free Urdu Holy Bibles to people in different area so they can read and get New Life from the Holy Bible.  They can see what Jesus did for us and we teach what we have to do for others, like Jesus did.


Uneducated brothers and sisters are getting Audio Bibles so they can listen to the Word of God.  Our Team is giving Audio Bibles in the Urdu language to people who do not know how to read.   They were very happy to get the Word of God through these Audio Bibles.


We are able to continue giving food and warm clothes to the widows and orphan children for their basic needs because of the kindness of your donations.


Please continue to help us each month because the ministry work continues every month and the needs continue to exist.


Children are getting warm clothes, shoes, socks. warm caps, school bags, and school stationery, also from ministry members we are working with.


We are insuring widows are getting food packets because the Corona Virus has forced lockdowns keeping people from working and there are no jobs.  In these difficult living conditions our ministry is trying to reach everyone we can with food.


In this town there were few families that had Bibles.  We gave 70 Holy Bibles to familes in the Urdu language.


To enjoy the birthday of Jesus, we are getting Christmas gifts to children who have very little.  They can enjoy the Christmas celebration as other children who have families. 


We have prayer meetings in different homes and churches.


We are promoting initiatives to serve the people who need them the most.  We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing today's society.   Pleas join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.  We pray for you and all those who work for Christian Rights in the world.  Please join us and be hands with us as you support this great work in Pakistan.


If your heart is touched by this powerful ministry and you would like to help Patras Ghani and his family with their vision, please make a donation by clicking the "Donate" button.  Your donation will go to the Serve the Suffering Humanity Ministry.  Please remember to pray for them as they continue reaching the areas of  Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan.