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Satyam Charitable Trust 

Konthereu, Yalamanchili Mandal, South India

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I am Pastor Nakka Sanjay Kumar.  I have been working for the extension of God's Kingdom for the last decade, at Mandapaka Tanuku, India.


I was raised in a Christian family where my Father Satyam, promised the Lord to he would put me to his service for the glory of God.   I was sent to the World Bible School in Kerala State where I studied for my bible training.   After finishing my education my I was lead to plant a church in the Kontheru Village of the Yalamanchili Mandal.  We have used the motto: Enrich the Lord’s work by continual outreach and service.


My wife, Sharon, and I have built up the ministry by encouraging pastors, both men and women, to reach out beyond our church and community and service the many villages in our region.  We have now planted two other churches and we have forty-two pastors who conduct gospel outreach open air meetings, where the preach the word of God, distribute tracts, and pray for the crowds.


Through a trusted consultant I came to know of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  I was told this was a genuine ministry that was helping ministries worldwide.  Once I made contact with them I discovered they are compassionate to encourage churches and ministries both spiritually and materially. 


BlessMinIcon Transp.png

Our goal is to be strengthening as many congregations as possible, to do the same as we are doing and help develop ministries in India.  We reach out to local philanthropists to raise support for all of our pastors and churches we are providing leadership for.  With the exposure and leadership Bless Ministries Mobile USA is giving us, we hope to have enough on day to give solid support to these wonderful ministries God has given us the privilege to strengthen.  We want to be an example for ministries across India to see they too can build a ministry that will strengthen other ministries.  Then our nation will be covered with the gospel and churches will be strong, independent, and able to show forth the glory of God in their communities.


We want to be an example ministry to help churches understand how they can help provide welfare to the people of their community.  We want to teach them how to make a difference for their local population and actually help to build up their economy by encouraging people with ways of creating good business and greater opportunities for their communities.  Many other pastors are starting to understand this and we have now reach over one hundred pastors who are listening and learning from our leadership.


On September 10, 2018 my wife and I had our first child.  Wanting to give him a suitable name for what the Lord is doing in our lives, we chose to name him Satya Johnny Taylor, after Pastor Johnny Taylor Holland, the president and pastor of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  We know that the Lord will use this child for glory of God and we will raise him to follow the will of God in his life. 

Satya Johnny Taylor.jpg

Thank you so much for looking at our webpage. 

Please pray for how the Lord would like you to assist us.  Make a donation by clicking the donate button and put your seeds of faith into this good ground that.  Please enter "Sanjay Kumar" in the notes of the donation form.


Thank you so very much.


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