Bosaga Bless Ministries Church and

Orphan Support Center International

Bosaga, Kenya

I would like to introduce myself.  I am Pastor Charles Oigara Mageri.  I was born in 1973 in the Nyanza Province, Kisii County, Kenya.  I am married to Janet Gesare Mageri and we have three sons who are all saved and serving the Lord with us.


I attended the Independent Bible College where I achieved a Certificate of Soul Winning, a diploma in Biblical Studies, and a diploma in Pastoral Theology.

On the 7th of August 2010 we started an autonomous church ministry we called the Bosaga Soul Winning Fellowship Church and Orphan's Support Center in Bosaga, Kenya.  We started the church under shade trees which left us to face the problem of rain disturbing our serves and having to run for cover to the nearest house.  This caused me to have a great burden for a worship building so I sold a piece of my land and used the funds to build a church center for shelter.  We were able to build a temporary building we used to preach the gospel and may soul's came into the kingdom of heaven through our preaching.

It was important for us to spend time with the people of our community in Kisii County.  We were able to share with many individuals about God's kingdom and they allowed us to disciple them concerning the teaching of Jesus.  After two years we opened another local church in Nyamira, 100 miles away from the main  church.

From our beginning we have had a special place in our hearts for the orphaned children in Kenya.  Currently we have sixteen orphans under the Orphan Support Center International in Bosaga.  The program places orphans in homes of the people in our congregations.  The cost for carrying for these children are met by generous supports in the church and other well-wishers that are concerned for the orphans.

We were in need of being officially established and I met Pastor Johnny Holland on Facebook, who after much conversation and exchanging information, made it possible that we were issued documents establishing us as a ministry under Bless Ministries Mobile USA on April 10, 2017.  I was so moved by their programs we chose to change our ministry name to the Bosaga Bless Ministries Church and Bless Ministries Orphan Support Center International, Bosaga, Kenya

Our vision is to reflect the love of Christ by rescuing children in crisis.  We are growing a small garden to help with food and for selling to provide some finances for the Orphan Support Center.

We are looking forward to the Bless Ministries Teams coming to Kisii, Kenya and train our men in the Word of God and share their expertise with our orphans. 

Please pray for our minsitry.  

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Thank you for your kindness.