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Gospel of Truth Ministry

Mumias City, Kenya

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I am the Bishop Fredrick Hezekiah Malala of the Gospel of Truth ministry from Kenya, Africa.  My ministry is in Mumias City located in the western part Kakamega County.  I have been a pastor for sixteen years.  My wife Joyce and I were married in 2006 and we have four children: Dauglus, Kevin, Patience, and Becky.


I am the forth born child of David and Rispa Malala.  Because we had little money I only went through the fourth level in school.  In February 2000 I became seriously sick that lasted for four months due to my heart.  I was supposed to have surgery for my heart condition when I heard a voice telling me to wake up and sing.  When I started singing it caused me to start praying and praising God in a dream.  That day I was completely healed of my heart condition.  To this day I have never had any surgery and I am in good health.


The day after I was healed a pastor that I saw while I was dreaming and praising the Lord came to me that he might pray for me and tell me what happened.  That day I accepted Jesus as my personal savior.  This same pastor taught me in the Word of God and baptized me in the name of Jesus Christ and I was baptized in the holy ghost.  I became the associate pastor under this same pastor.  I worked for him for six years while I attended Bible College. 

In 2017 the Lord spoke to me, commanding me to build a ministry.  I discussed this with my pastor and I began planting a church near the city of Mumias.  This is an interior area ministry.  Since we first started reaching out to minister the gospel in other areas.  We now have 8 churches in Kenya, 3 churches in Tanzania, and 6 churches in Unganda.


WI like holding open air crusade and conference but this year we haven't been able to hold any because we do not have access to a good sound system.  It is a very expensive item for us to obtain right now.  We are praying that the Lord will help us in this matter.


It is our desire to open up our own Bible College one day.  Once the Lord manifests His promises to  Bless Ministries we would like them to help us open a Manthano School of Ministries in our city.

Water is hard to come by in our area so we dig wells to help with our water supply.