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Otweyo Baptist Church 
Otweyo, Kisii, Kenya

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I am Samson Nyandika Ogamba.  My wife, Dianah Nyaboke Nyandika, and I work as the pastoral family for the Otweyo Baptist Church, located in Otweyo, Kisii, Kenya.  We have two children, Salimon, 8 years old, and Naason, 4 years old.


I was born in the family of late pastor Christopher Ogamba and Concepta Moraa Ogamba.  My father was the pastor the Omwari Baptist Church in Omwari, where I grew up.  I was saved and baptized at the age of 13.  While in high school, I was appointed the Sunday School teacher for the children of our church.  In 2013, at the age of 21, I was appointed as an evangelist by the church and sent to preach in Bomet County as a missionary.  The next year our church sent me to preach from house to house as an evangelist.


In 2015 my beloved father was electrocuted in a tragic accident and died.  After we laid my father to rest, the church promoted me as the Associate Pastor, working with our new pastor Charles Omboga.  I serve in this capasity through 2018, when I was promoted to be the pastor of the Genga Baptist Church, which I served for one year.  I surrended to the call to go and plant a church in Otweyo.  The Genga Baptist church in collabloration with the Kisii Southern Baptist Association, sent me in January 2022 to open the Otweyo Baptist Church in Otweyo, Kisii, Kenya. 


Within the first seven months we had gained 72 church member.  We are currently training youth to sing and dance as a choir, as the men and women have come forward to teach and train the church members.


I am currently the General Secretary of the Kisii Southern Baptist Association of Kisii, Kenya.

Our other association pastors and churches are as follows.

Richard Moguche, Kerina Baptsit Church.jpg

Pastor Richard Moguche

Kerina Baptist Church

Peter Ngara Riana Bapt Church.jpg

Pastor Peter Ngara

Riana Baptist Church

Francis Sausi Masese, Keboye Baptist Church.jpg

Pastor Francis Sausi Masese

Keboye Baptist Church

Charles Juma Godnyinyo Baptis Church.jpg

Pastor Charles Juma

Godnyinyo Baptist Church

James Bosire Chisaro Bapt Church.jpg

Pastor James Bosire

Chisaro Baptist Church

Evans Omari Nyangute Benga Bapt Church.jpg

Pastor Evans Omari Nyangute

Benga Baptist Church

Pastor Benard Mokoro

Getare Baptist Church

(No Picture)


In our desire to expand our pastoral training, and in cooperation with Bless Ministries of Mobile, Alabama, our ministry was appointed to open a Manthano School of Ministries.  We opened classes in August 2022.  You can view the school webpage by selecting "Bible College/locations" in the main menu above.


Thank you for looking at our webpage.  Please pray how you could help us continue to build our church and bible college. 

Click the button and help us with a generous donation.

When you donate, please enter "Samson" in the notes of the donation form.


Thank you for your kindness.

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