Bless Ministries International Burundi

Bujumbura, Burundi

Hello, I am Timothee Niyonkuru from Bujumbura, Burundi. 

When I was born my father was the pastor of the Emmanuel Church here in Burundi.  I grew up being in Sunday School and singing in the choir.  When the war started in 1993 we went to the Congo where I studied in High School.  By this time I was being used as a teacher in Sunday School by my church.  Two years later I went to Tanzania and we started the Kanisa la Bibilia Bible Chruch in Collrd.  I was made a deacon of this church in 1997.  In need of financial means, I returned to the Congo and worked as a school teacher in a secondary school in Aigen until I returned to Burundi in 2006.

When I returned to Burundi I was a representative of the Christian Youth Ministries for two years.  Then in 2010 I became the coordinator of the Hannah House of Burundi, a prison ministry that works to educate the church and community in ways to help integrated and facilitate prison ministry to transform prisoners in leadership, social and economic and social development.

Now my family and I work in ministry with children, widows, and street children.   I am the Executive Development Coordinator for the Christian Life Assembly Church in Bujumbura.  Our pastor is Ncakurivugwa Vincent.  We presently have four churches under our leadership.

My daughter Nyishu Scholas 

My son Nziza Giscard Gislain

My wife Rukundo Flavie

We carried on several conversations and Pastor Johnny introduced me to his website.  I searched the website and discovered this could be an answer for meeting the needs we have to expand our church ministry.  I shared all the information with my pastor and we were both amazed with the passion and vision of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  Pastor Vincent sent Bless Ministries a recommendation for me to work through our church and partner with Bless Ministries.   On May 9, 2017 we became partners with Bless Ministries and I was made the Executive Director of Bless Ministries International Burundi.

Our vision for Bless Ministries in Burundi is to carry on the same pattern of development by building up churches and ministries in our nation.  I am reaching out to churches by meeting with pastors and ministry leaders to share our vision and let each ministry understand how Bless Ministries in Burundi can help them understand the blessings of God more.  I share with them how Bless Ministries International is a support for contact and interaction with ministries around the world so they can learn through the different experiences of ministry.